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Replicant said:
RolStoppable said:

Yeah... no. The frequency and timeslots at which ACO commercials were aired were on a very different level than all those games you mentioned.

Say whaaaaat?



bananaking21 said:

Considering for Honor shipped over 3.5 million in its first quarter. And has 1 million unique players a month. I say people bought that. 

People bought it and ran, bananabum21.

They did not


That 1 million player per month was as of Feb this year. One year after release. With 7.5 million unique players total


At June 2018 uni announced that 3 million new players joined in the "past few weeks"


As of October 2018 there are 15 million registered users



The game sold shit loads, is receiving amazing and lots of support, keeps increasing its player base, and is still getting better and better. It's a huge success for Ubisoft