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Kerotan said:
quickrick said:

oh come on man, he considered one of the best trash talkers ever, what he did to jose aldo should be criminal, ill ride to your village and kill anyone who isn't fit work, he actually said that, he fucked the man's head up, the insults were brutal.

No more brutal then other fighters calling mcgregor a leprechaun which is actually racism. The difference is mcgregor is usually smart enough to not take trash talking to heart. What mcgregor said there about Aldo was so ridiculous and outlandish you'd have to be a fool to take it seriously. 

it depends on the person, it seems like a racist comment to me, he called mayweather, and guards all african americans  monkeys, called khabib a backwards cunt for not drinking, i mean not all people are the same, some people are not gonna take these kind of strong insults and just be cool which is perfectly understandable.

this video kinda explains it.