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I feel like I should throw my two cents here, especially since this is an international forum and the brazillians here seem more left-focused in terms of their political views and it seems, in my view, unfair for the opossing party.

Before I begin though, I will say three things:First, if someone dosent have a deep understanding of brazillian culture and dosent have decades and decades of historical brazillian knowledge, especially the ones considering its politics, it will be hard to follow either way,Second, I am not going to explain every single detail and just give an overview because as I have said, its an extremely complex situation, and we could spend months here discussing and arguing.And third, I dont plan or want this to because a contest of shit throwing.If someone comes to me already with not the best of intentions, I wont give a reply.VGC is a place for relaxation and to speak about stuff without much commitment, and I do mean to keep it that way, for me at least.

Lets start with the candidate from the "left": Haddad and its party, PT.PT has been in power for almost 16 years.In all those years, all they have ever accomplisshed is to instutionalize corruption and basically worsen every single duty a government should strive to improve:Education, Economy, Security and so on.The assasination and violence on Brazil are through the roof, and assasinations on a city like Rio de Janeiro is higher than in warzones like Syria(Correct me if Im wrong on this).Citizens leave School and High School knowing less math than they know when they entered it and when they were studying.Not to mention that obscene ammount of illitirate we have in the country, a direct consequence of the horrible education we have in our public schools.As for corruption, our entire political system is corruption, as it was laid bare by the Operation Car Wash(even if every knew before that), as it was shown that most political figures, that ranged from mayors to the president himself was into some sort of bribery or corruption scheme.I think that, before this election, 30 to 40% of the politicians in Brazil were involved, in some way, in an illegal scheme.And thats the ones we know about.

And guess when all this dumpster fire started?Yeah, you are absolutely right.When Lula and its party PT, took the power.I mean, it wasnt apparent right away, since he was riding on the huge success that was the Real Plan that was though and put into motion by the previous president, but soon enough they showed their true colours.Scandals started appearing one after the other.Mensalao, Caixa 2 left and right, as pedaladas of Dilma, the overbilling of countless public projects, money laundering and so on.All under the watchful eye of PT while they were in power.But lets be fair:Its not like Brazil was a land of the prosperous before all this happened.But people managed to live their lives and not worry wether they would be killed by the rampaging violence or if they would be able feed their families because there were no jobs around.And there was the hope that things could get better.But now?We are so deep inside this hole that these corrupts put brazillians in, that its hard to imagine there is even a way out.And I mean, its not like PT did all of this alone.Most, if not all, the left- centered parties are the same shit as PT, and even the ones that proclaimed that they have a more "right "centered view, like PSDB, are also as shit and as corrupted as the others.These corruption charges and convictions I spoke of?They come from the both side.No matter were you look, corruption is so deep engrained into our politics, much because of all the schemes that Lula plotted while he was in power, that it stained everything.

Their proposition to fix this whole mess we are in?Do more of the same that they have been doing these past 16 years.More government control over the state companies, more and more of the same measures they have taken before and that have led us into this situation.Basically what they propose is the definition of insanity:To do things all over again, and expect different results.Not to mention how corrupt the party is.

Then there is also all sorts of claims by PT about Venezuela, saying that they consider that country, as it is now, an example of democracy(or something along those lines), that they wish to have a more tight control over communications and every sort of news media, and thus promoting censorship, and so on.honestly, we could spend all day here speaking of all the shit that they have said over the years.

And then you have the candidate on the right: Jair Bolsonaro.The one that is calling the shit that is happening on the country for what the shit it is.He proposes to have a more hands off government, to make the state companies that are profitable private, in an effort to make them competitive, since they arent at the moment and havent been for a while.In another words, to have a more liberal economy.As for education, he proposes, other than improving the overall education quality that we currently have at out public schools, to build more military schools, which have shown positive results these past few years.You also should know that part of the problem with the education is that the student have no respect for the teacher.The students throw curses around, hits the teachers, and simply make the classes a chaos, making teaching an impossibility in some cases.For government, he proposes to fight this corruption by promoting the operations that are trying to fight it, and improving the justice system which is nowhere as good as it could be.I am probably doing a very poor job at describing his proposals and thetre is obviously a lot more, but thats the jist of it.

About these accusations of him being a facist, a nazist and whatever else people came up with:Its all false and makes me wonder if people really know the meaning of those words, and I personally believe its a disrecpect to the ones that had to actually go through such an evil regime.All these "accusations" of being an facism or nazist comes from some statements he made, that were either unfortunate(I wotn sugarcoat it when he says something I dont agree with) or in most cases, when its taken completely out of context and its used by the opposition to demonize him.One easy example of this is that he is accused to hate or really dislike woman.That comes from a situation he had with a woman called Maria do Rosário, which was a woman that was strongly defending a rapist.Bolsonaro started arguing with her, and while I do not remember the exact contents of that conversation, she was basically saying that said rapist should not put in jail because he was a product of society of something of the sort(again, correct me if Im wrong), and in a fit of rage which I personally think I would also have, Bolsonaro said that "He wouldnt even rape her if he had the chance".Was it an unfortunate statement?Sure, I also think so.But it dosent mean he hates woman, he just had a fit of rage with a horrible woman, which anyone would have.There are also many other examples, most of them like this one that are taken out of context and used as fuel by the opposition, but I dont remember them all now and it would take all day to list them if I did remember.

In the end, all I gotta say is:Is he the perfect candidate?No, and there is no such thing as a perfect candidate.But he is a good one, and is certainly much better than the alternative.

So thats basically it.As I said, its very condensed, and I probablyy left stuff out, but its just to give an idea what Brazil is going through now.

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