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quickrick said:
Kerotan said:

Just shows how good mcgregors trash talking is that people like you genuinely believe it and think its true. He's such a masterclass at making it seem real and this is why he made more off this fight then the entire ufc roster in 2018 combined. 


Muhammad Ali said some horrible things and ruined fraziers life. Mike tyson told a fighter he would eat his kids once. Here's a good article on muhammad ali. Please stop this anti mcgregor narrative. I'm starting to feel embarrassed. Have s good read of this.

mike tyson was straight up lunatic, so not sure why you mention him hes not really a good person. as for ali from what i read is was calling ugly, gorrila and stuff like that mainly personal insults, and to be honest im still not a fan of it, he ruined Frazier life you think thats a good thing?

Its not a good thing. I'm just showing that regarding personal insults in the fight game mcgregor is nothing special.