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Ganoncrotch said:
quickrick said:

OMG man do you have a reading comprehension problem? there are levels to talking trash, talking about your family, disrespecting your religion and country, and making death threats, is a huge difference then  calling out someone to fight, trash talking is ok by me, but conner is on a different level.

So trash talk is fine... as long as it doesn't involve family, religion, country or threatening someone? I mean... it's going to be pretty damn tame trash talking you allow by your standards, it's below the level of primary school "your mom" trash talk that 10 year olds do.

Unless you're talking about someone else entirely, this Conner person? I could be having a reading comprehension problem.

Sorry but if you're implying bringing people's family, race and religion into things is fine then then you're as messed up as Conor is, trash talk is one thing but full on trying to go personal is another thing entirely. The are many instances of trash talk that doesn't even touch those areas.