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Pemalite said:

You don't need to burn 10x fossil fuels for there to be an accompanying increase.

Remember... As temperatures increase, massive amounts of CO2/Methane etc' is released from Oceans and Ice, Trillions of tons.

Water vapor in the earths atmosphere will also increase which adds to it.

It's an exponential increase.

Most of the trapped greenhouse gasses in deep water ice isn't going to see the atmosphere ... 

As it is, the worst case scenario so far seems to suggest a 2 degree celsius warming since most of our recoverable fossil fuel reserves will be depleted in 50 years ...

Pemalite said:

We don't need the Earth to be like Venus for it to be inhospitable.

Life is actually very fragile.

While that's true what's not valid is arguing that Earth will face a similar effect of runaway climate change ... 

I don't think you understand the magnitude of emissions needed to actually trigger such an effect. For reference, not even having all of the glaciers melting and burning all of our carbon sources is close to enough ... 

Pemalite said: 

If it's all melted, it's all melted.

No one is claiming for a Venus effect though? Nor is it needed for things to become unteniable on our own little ball hurtling through space anyway.

@Bold Are you sure ? "And even when we stop emitting, temperatures will continue to rise as our oceans and arctic regions continue to release more CO2 due to the warmer temperatures."

It sounds as if you're to lead us into fear mongering that there will be no potential stop to temperature rises even though you said "You should probably take a look at what the effect of almost 2 trillion tons of CO2 will do when our arctic regions permafrost continues to decline... To put that into perspective, that would be like doubling our current carbon levels in the Atmosphere which is already very high." ...

Sounds like we have a bounded amount (3x current) of realistically releasable sources of carbon so what'll be ? An incoming armageddon of uncontrollable rise in temperatures or no runaway climate change ? Ignoring Venus you can't have it both ways since their pretty much mutually exclusive ...  

Pemalite said: 

There is a ton also in Antarctica.

It's not just the North Pole we need to account for you know.

Yeah, there's geopolitical issues to taking advantage of Antarctica since just about every nation signed a treaty to not exploit the territory ... 

Don't have to worry about that for now ... (potential WW3 would be more of a concern than climate change)