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quickrick said:
Ganoncrotch said:

So trash talk is fine... as long as it doesn't involve family, religion, country or threatening someone? I mean... it's going to be pretty damn tame trash talking you allow by your standards, it's below the level of primary school "your mom" trash talk that 10 year olds do.

Unless you're talking about someone else entirely, this Conner person? I could be having a reading comprehension problem.

bringing moms or family is something children or idiots would do. how many fighters have brought up family in trash talking?  its very rare as it is now. usually its im gonna dominate this guys hes trash or im ko him first round is enough. i have heard you're dead before but the way coner said it was dead serious and not just talking about the fight game, he was clearly making death threats outside the ring.

Just shows how good mcgregors trash talking is that people like you genuinely believe it and think its true. He's such a masterclass at making it seem real and this is why he made more off this fight then the entire ufc roster in 2018 combined. 


Muhammad Ali said some horrible things and ruined fraziers life. Mike tyson told a fighter he would eat his kids once. Here's a good article on muhammad ali. Please stop this anti mcgregor narrative. I'm starting to feel embarrassed. Have s good read of this.