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mZuzek said:
morenoingrato said:

Isn't the other candidate from the party which caused the biggest recession in Brazilian history and wasn't that same party centerpiece in a national and international corruption scandal? The same party which was a close ally of Chavez for the past two decades? The same party whose leader is in jail for corruption?

Yeah, this is what everyone says... can you not see how awful it is? That we're pitting corruption vs. FASCISM and deciding the latter isn't as bad?

In any case, PT's government was mostly very good. The first few years with Lula (2002-2010) were a time of prosperity in Brazil, everything was fine and even if there were reports of corruption or whatever, it really didn't affect people's lives. Then, Dilma came, and her first mandate (2010-2014) started to become a little shaky, and the economy began to sink, for which we can also blame the World Cup. Somehow, she still got reelected in 2014 for another mandate (the opposition candidate was a highly corrupt right-wing politician, but I still think him winning would have been best for Brazil in the long run - specifically, it'd have probably stopped this from happening now), and was eventually removed from her position with the impeachment in early 2016.

Since, the government was taken over by a dude who represents pretty much nothing about their party... I don't really understand about politics to know how or why he got there, but it is what it is. Temer was about as corrupt as they get, and in the 2 and a half years he's been president, yeah, we're in a crazy recession. It started back in Dilma's government, but it's only in the last 2/3 years intensified to this point.

In any case, I don't really care. I know very little about politics. I've never been interested in this topic, and that's something you could even tell looking at my VGC posting history. But this, this is not something I can just see and then look away. I'm witnessing Brazil becoming 1930's Germany right before my eyes, and it's horrifying.

Remember, every fascist government came in times of economical crisis.

Your lack of interest in politics does not negate the underlying causes of Bolsonaro's rise in the polls. The recession was due to Dilma's and to a certain extent Lula's mismanagement, a bubble which at some point had to burst. Blaming it on Temer is ridiculous. It is as saying the 2008/2009 recession was Obama'a fault.

Didn't the unemployment in Brazil skyrocket in the past few years? And as a consequence, crime as well? Bolsonaro's sexist and homophobic remarks are inexcusable and I will not defend him for them, but perhaps it's not *only* about social issues and rather frustrated Brazilians worried about their standard of living and their families?

He might also have authoritarian dreams but Brazil is not Nazi Germany, and his margin of win will likely be in the single digits.