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Darc Requiem said:
Kerotan said:

Have you ever fought before or played sports at a high level? You know mcgregor didn't even make the 170 mark. He weighed in at 168. The fact he beat diaz when they both had a full camp just proves my point. Diaz wasn't any better but mcgregor was. The reason diaz wasn't any fitter was because he's a triathlete and as a result his cardio is top notch all year around. Meanwhile mcgregor who had been training to fight at 145 for years was finally going back to 155. His entire camps cardio would be based on weighing in at 155. Instead he fights at welterweight and for the first time in his career gassed around just 1 and a half rounds. 


Your theory of fighting close to your natural weight makes no sense. Your natural out of camp walk around weight is not where you'll perform best. Your lowest weight when you've cut every ounce of fat is. Khabib walks around out of camp close to 185 and in the past when he wasn't as dedicated over 200. If khabib ever fought in those weight classes he might literally be killed. 


If woodley fought at light heavy weight the same. He'd gas out after 1 round. Now middleweight I think woodley could hold his own against most fighters although monsters like yoel romero would batter him. 


I'm wasting so much time in this thread explaining things that if you ever played sport at a high level you'd understand. Just note that mcgregor at 155 isn't even the lowest he can cut. 145 is but personally don't think it's healthy for him to cut that low anymore. 

Damien Maia tore through the welterweight devision taking everybody down and submitting them in what was something like a 10 fight winstreak. He took on woodley for the title and got schooled. Couldn't get even close to taking woodley down. Khabib has no chance. He'd probably be ko'd before he gets a takedown attempt but even if he does woodley man handles him. Btw not even a woodley fan and I've been waiting for ever to see him lose. But you can't deny the man is a beast. 

It's not a theory. Frankie Edgar was light weight champion at his actual weight. Robert Whitaker was cutting weight to get to 170. He goes up to 185 where he is "too small" and becomes middleweight champion. Kelvin Gastleum struggled to make 170. He's forced to go to 185 by the UFC and has been spectacular. Did you see how Rumble Johnson looked when was cutting a crap ton of weight compared to what he looked like at 205?

What you're talking about is a fighter cutting to a weight he can't perform at. Mcgregor could perform at 145 for example and tore through the decision. But if he doesn't cut anything and fights at 170 he will be mauled by the big guys cutting to WW. WHITTAKER is a great example of a guy moving to a more suitable weight but you best believe he's still cutting to make middleweight so the theory doesn't hold.