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Kerotan said:
vivster said:


Why not? Imo people will say oh ps5 coming why upgrade to the ps4 Pro. Or next year they might just say not buying ps4 at all. 

Price is key. If the PS5 hits next year, we're going to have a PS4 at $199, a Pro at $299, with the PS5 hitting shelves at $399-$449. People who are budget conscious will still pick up the cheaper PS4 or Pro.

ArchangelMadzz said: 
Why are we still talking about smartphones? They're not affecting them. Sony have done better this gen than last gen when there were less smartphones.

Sony have broken their own records twice this year in game sales, whilst smartphone gaming has been at it's biggest. Jesus.

Very true. Smartphones only affected the dedicated HH market, which makes sense. It's why Nintendo adopted the hybrid model.