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^^^^ I'm done with all the mcgregor hater bs and the good guy khabib bs. Everyone's entitled to their opinion and there's no point trying to change someone's mind when they are set in stone.

So now the dust is settling. The final ppv numbers are not in but the ufc has announced it smashed the 2m mark by a wide margin, but not the 3m Mark. The previous highest ufc event was diaz vs mcgregor at 1.6m buys. But this has smashed the 2m mark. Mcgregor has now been involved in 5 of the 6 biggest ufc events. His is the golden goose and this just proves again he doesn't need any particular opponent, because he is the draw that people pay for.

With fights like mcgregor diaz 3, mcgregor vs gsp, mcgregor v aldo 2 at lightweight, mcgregor v ferguson, mcgregor v woodley, and mcgregor v khabib 2 there are no shortage of massive money making possibilities. Now i just hope he isn't stupid enough to fight woodley at welterweight because he'll never be the same again. At least against fighters like khabib at lightweight he doesn't take much damage. But woodley smokes him badly. Just too big, strong and also a good wrestler and now a black belt. I hope he fights 2 or 3 lads like gsp, aldo, diaz and ferguson at lightweight before thinking of a khabib rematch. And a rematch will do 3m+ ppv buys. Also maybe throw in a cross rules fight against a big name boxer too.


Link to story on ufc 229 doing way over 2m buys.