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quickrick said:
Kerotan said:

More fake news. Dillon didn't say that. He just taunted him with his hands calling him on. If khabib had any class he'd smile back at him. No point continuing this. Every reply to me contains untruths. Stuff just being made up at this point. 

is the youtube video on conor making death threats also fake as well, lol. i mean if somebody made threats like that to me i would want them dead, because he could be serious, and he sure does sound like it.

It's the fight game. They are literally going into the cage trying to kill each other. Mohammad Ali said similar things about his opponents. All part of the mental warfare. Is Ali a horrible person too? What about tyson? Double standards from the mcgregor haters as usual.


BTW i never said mcgregor didn't say that I said danis said nothing outside the cage. Khabib was mentally insane and got triggered by the sight of him. If every fighter who has had personal shit thrown at him pre fight reacted the way khabib did after MMA would be banned in almost every western country. 


You do realise as soon as khabib won he turned towards mcgregors corner where danis was also seated just behind and fired his gumshield at them. Its not ridiculous to think danis would stand up calling him on with his hands. A professional mma fighter like khabib should be able to control himself from physically attacking them. So after the fight he was a bad winner, then when 1 of them stands up to him he goes batshit crazy. One of the all time low moments from an mma fighter and the worst winner in a long time. 


Now predictably you'll say but but the bus incident is as bad. And yes it is as bad. Hence why I'm not saying khabib is no worse then mcgregor. But he's no angel either. But 1 wrong doesn't justify a professional mma fighter committing another wrong.