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Kerotan said:
quickrick said:

The spit was never confirmed. dillon called khabib a muslim rat that why he went after him, he was no spectator. as for megregor the only guy who beat him in recent  years before khabib was nate, and nate was never suppose to even fight him, they had no history, so he was just shocked. listen tho what mcgregor says here he took to the nest level. so its not surprising what went down.


as for the video where mcgregor apologized trying to say it's just busniess, he doesn't say that, he say's it's just kisses.  

More fake news. Dillon didn't say that. He just taunted him with his hands calling him on. If khabib had any class he'd smile back at him. No point continuing this. Every reply to me contains untruths. Stuff just being made up at this point. 

is the youtube video on conor making death threats also fake as well, lol. i mean if somebody made threats like that to me i would want them dead, because he could be serious, and he sure does sound like it.