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quickrick said:
Kerotan said:

Fake news. The last time the British navy fought the Irish was 1916. If mcgregors grandad was involved he'd have to be about 60 years older then his father which is just a straight up lie. You guys peddle so much fake news around here to try and paint khabib as w good guy.


Here's another double standard. Mcgregor cells khabib backwards. Oh he's racist and an islsmaphobe! How many times have ufc fighters called mcgregor a leprechaun and told him to go eat his lucky charms? Nobody cried racism then. Double standards.


This is my final comment on the issue. Mcgregor has had worse pre fight antics then khabib although khabib has done some nasty things outside. But mcgregor is still worse. 


At one of their fights though khabib has behaved by far the worse. Spat on opponent, attacked spectator and caused a massive brawl. Compared to mcgregor who has always been respectful to his opponent after the fight in victory or defeat. 


Neither are angels so it's ridiculous and hypocritical to pretend otherwise. 

The spit was never confirmed. dillon called khabib a muslim rat that why he went after him, he was no spectator. as for megregor the only guy who beat him in recent  years before khabib was nate, and nate was never suppose to even fight him, they had no history, so he was just shocked. listen tho what mcgregor says here he took to the nest level. so its not surprising what went down.


as for the video where mcgregor apologized trying to say it's just busniess, he doesn't say that, he say's it's just kisses.  

More fake news. Dillon didn't say that. He just taunted him with his hands calling him on. If khabib had any class he'd smile back at him. No point continuing this. Every reply to me contains untruths. Stuff just being made up at this point.