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Fei-Hung said:
Kerotan said:

Jesus christ you don't see it because you don't want to. He insulted the country of ireland, insulted mcgregors grandfather and he made threats to coach kavanagh in the past for making a harmless joke about Islam.


They fucking degraded those men. Laughed and mocked them. You are trying so hard to act like khabib doesn't have a bad side to him. 

He didn't degrade mcgregors grandad. It is a well known fact mcgregors grandad fought for the British navy against the Irish. Khabib stated a fact, mcgregor labled someone a terrorist.


Khabib also gives to charity  He gives a minimum of 2.5% of his wealth every year to charity and he does it without making a scene of it 


The issue here is pain and simple . Khabib isn't white, is a Muslim and is pretty much seen as a villain from day one  He is favoured mostly by ethnic minorities and probably the Muslim world. This incident has highlighted favouritism, racism, islamophobia, cherry picking where to include things in time lines and quotes more than anything else.


No one is disputing Khabib shouldn't have gone after the guy. Hell even khabib isn't  However, true to any incident in the world where an element of racism etc exists, it is one rule fir us and another for them.


What happened after the fight shouldn't have happened  but I believe it was needed to highlight these issues and open up debates so it can improve going forward

you pretty much nailed it.