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fatslob-:O said:

Compared to the rest of Earth's history, doubling our current CO2 levels is still only a fraction of when life was still sustainable at peak CO2 levels ...

But life was also very different back then and life had time to adapt.

fatslob-:O said:

Actually, it's a good thing that the arctic region is getting warmer since greening indicates more arable land to use! With the arctic getting warmer it opens up the two biggest countries such as Canada and Russia to farming and inhabitation ...

Meanwhile large swathes of the Americas, Europe, Oceania, Africa could potentially become inhospitable.
Plus sea levels will rise causing the displacement of millions on islands and coastal regions.

It's far from a "good thing".

fatslob-:O said:

I don't know enough about Australia to make an educated comment on it so I'll leave this statement as is ...

Probably be wise. Considering I do live here and work against the environment in various scenarios. :P

fatslob-:O said:

@Bold Highly dependent on the conditions. In earth's case there's virtually no way to forseeably triggering a runaway greenhouse effect like in Venus's case since it's so much more closer to the sun and had a very thick atmosphere (at least 100x more than earth's) to begin with ...

Runaway? Maybe. Maybe not.
But there is an exponential increase in damage to the Earths ecosystems for the CO2 we emit.

Will we have a planet like Venus? Shit no.
But that isn't what I have claimed or ever claimed, but an increase of say 6'C would place extreme summer temperatures at almost 60'C here (140.0 °F) - If you think that is inconsequential to life, then I have a few things to tell you... Because even on 50'C days (122.0 °F) the tar on roads starts to melt, people get hospitalized/die.

I have real world experience of what heat does to an individual, do not just shove it aside casually.

fatslob-:O said:

There's no need to continue fear mongering doom and gloom about the survival of human species because of a 1-2 degree celsius increase. It's been physically checked out to be implausible ...

We went from 280PPM to 400PPM with a corresponding increase of 1'C. Bulk of emissions were done within the last 100 years.
And our emissions rate is only continuing to increase, especially as China is undergoing it's industrial revolution.

In 50 years we may have another increase of 1C. - Which means more CO2 will be released from our arctic regions and oceans. (It's like opening a can of coke.)

The issue is... Temperatures will continue to rise, it's not going to stop because people think "We will be alright".

And even when we stop emitting, temperatures will continue to rise as our oceans and arctic regions continue to release more CO2 due to the warmer temperatures.

fatslob-:O said:

More pressing issues to worry about in our lifetimes and very likely the next 10 generations lifetimes than climate change ...

Governments across the world elect individuals to take on various roles. Pretty disingenuous to think we only have a capacity to focus on one or two issues.

Climate change is a long term issue, the sooner we start, the less successive generations need to do.
Besides, money can be made in tackling climate change... Leverage all of the capitalisms.

fatslob-:O said:

Nothing because we'll run out of petrochemicals to burn before then ? So far we've only proven 100 years worth of economically recoverable coal reserves and 50-70 years of economically recoverable oil/shale reserves. It's only getting harder to find ways to recover fossil fuel reserves all the while the rest of the world is developing so energy consumption will also keep exponentially increasing ... 

Humanity won't be burning fossil fuels for a long time relative to their whole species existence. It'll be just a short stint ...

Well. Not entirely accurate.
As the arctic regions decline, more opportunities for oil extraction occurs.

However... And this it the big kicker. We can grow oil.

At the moment I have been heavily involved in trying to stop Statoil from drilling for oil in the Great Australia Bight, because... That is one of the most pristine places on Earth... And it is right at my back door. - Got the local councils in my region onboard.

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