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fatslob-:O said:

Now without further ado, people here need to take a chill pill instead of worrying about a hypothetical fossil fuel induced climate change armageddon (NASA even shows evidence that earth is getting greener thanks to higher CO2 levels) because the day earth becomes uninhabitable will not be in thousands, millions or even tens of millions of years ... 

It'll take at least 100 million years for earth to become uninhabitable but that's mainly due to the sun constantly expanding rather than down to our consumption of petrochemicals ... 

You should probably take a look at what the effect of almost 2 trillion tons of CO2 will do when our arctic regions permafrost continues to decline... To put that into perspective, that would be like doubling our current carbon levels in the Atmosphere which is already very high.
Now... Just like your NASA youtube video describes... A large portion of the earth becoming greener is actually in the arctic regions, that is far from being a good thing, due to the above.

In places like Australia... And I am speaking as a firefighter... More greening isn't actually a good thing... That means fuel loads will be higher and drier in our intense summers, flora that has adapted to the current conditions will decline and invasive species will be more likely to take over... And that means our fauna will also be impacted.
Again. Not a good thing.

Greenhouse has a cascading, accelerated effect.

The other issue is... Even just 1-2'C of warming can have a devastating effect, Oceans hold a significant amount of dissolved CO2... And as they warm, they release more CO2, so CO2 levels will continue to accelerate.

As for my statement about "hundreds of years". - We have increased CO2 levels from 280PPM to 400PM in around 100 years... And we have only continued to spew CO2 into the atmosphere at an exponential rate... What will happen in say... 500 years time?

fatslob-:O said:

Even the IPCC's fifth assessment report doesn't have as negative of a forecast as you and the others here do ... (on page 11 it states that there's virtually no chance that anthropogenic activities will cause a runaway greenhouse effect like we see on Venus) 

Here's a good video explaining it below:


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