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Pemalite said:

Instead of millions of years though, we could be talking merely hundreds.

Even the IPCC's fifth assessment report doesn't have as negative of a forecast as you and the others here do ... (on page 11 it states that there's virtually no chance that anthropogenic activities will cause a runaway greenhouse effect like we see on Venus) 

Here's a good video explaining it below:

Now without further ado, people here need to take a chill pill instead of worrying about a hypothetical fossil fuel induced climate change armageddon (NASA even shows evidence that earth is getting greener thanks to higher CO2 levels) because the day earth becomes uninhabitable will not be in thousands, millions or even tens of millions of years ... 

It'll take at least 100 million years for earth to become uninhabitable but that's mainly due to the sun constantly expanding rather than down to our consumption of petrochemicals ...