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BlackBeauty said:
It will be an XL or Pro or S. A lite version makes zero sense because of the joy cons. It will break compatibility with Labo.

This new switch will most likely stay the same dimensions so the accessories fit.

And besides the new switch will push the price of the old switch down making that the default budget switch.

- Better screen
- Better improved more efficient SOC (likely custom based the tegra X2 or higher)
- Better Battery life because of the two points above
- Double the ram 8GB (already leaked through firmware)
- More storage (we could see Nintendo introducing variants like 64gb and 128gb options)


BlackBeauty said: 
Metroid 4, Bayonetta 3, Pokémon 2019, Monolith Soft new IP, Animal Crossing will be advertised along the new hardware and will take advantage of the extra power. 

Some of them could even be launch titles.


Nintendo is not Sony or MS, for Nintendo is far more important to have low price offer than actually more pricey and stronger price offer, especially now when 3DS is dying that currently covers low price offer for Nintendo on market.