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Pemalite said:
SvennoJ said:
Changing human behavior is hard, very hard. Using more energy efficient lights is not going to make a dent. Energy consumption keeps going up with more and more electronics getting used in every day life.

Things that will make a difference are a break through in Fusion power, more nuclear power plants until then. More electric vehicles. Switching cargo ships to clean hydrogen for fuel source, as well as trucks. Electrify the rail network and build high speed rail lines to replace domestic air travel. Develop roof tiles with built in solar panels and make them mandatory for new housing projects.

Well. Fitness is stupidly important to me, so I prefer not to use vehicles at all.
I have LED lighting through my home.
Avoid pre-packaged foods, mostly for health benefits.

And my home is powered by Windfarms... Which consequently also do not always generate energy... So the wind farms energy is actually used to split water into Hydrogen to generate power when the wind isn't blowing. (Hydrogen being a form of energy storage.)

We drive less than 8k km per year, I cycle about 5k km per year. That's fitness and car use covered :)
I avoid having lights on at home, yet it's mostly tv, consoles, computers, laptops, amplifier, airco, microwave, etc that are responsible for electricity usage.
Buying locally sourced food when possible is a great help. Most of the pollution comes from shipping everything back and forth over the world.

Our home is simply connected to the grid. Which is as of now, 68% nuclear, 27% hydro, 3.6% wind, 1.2% gas. I've been seeing more solar farms around here but I guess they still contribute so little as to be grouped in other. (Oh stupid me, it's dark atm duh)

I wonder how much online shopping contributes to global warming. All those deliveries add up as well.