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Fight-the-Streets said:
RolStoppable said:

Because it is.

"The current Switch can't handle it," that means nothing more than the game in question won't be ported. What can be infered from such a quote is that a port would be up for consideration if a more powerful Switch existed, but at that point logic has to kick in. Third parties do not make games exclusively for a more powerful version of a console because the installed base isn't worth it. That's the thing that the people who fantasize about a more powerful Switch commonly forget; the very reason (AAA third party games) why a more powerful Switch seems to make sense is instantly contradicted by the historical way of how business is done.

I know you know it, but you didn't provide an explanation in your post.

We all just speculate here - or is someone an insider?

However, we enthusiasts searching for bits and pieces on the internet, youtube an co. to make an educated guess of what's coming. Every researcher for every topic will always try to find evidence for his thesis, of what he believes or of what he would like to be the truth. There's simply no real independent neutral researcher. Everything is kinda fake. That's why we have discussions here and it's a good thing.

But please explain me then why such a thing like Resident Evil 7 - Cloud Version and Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Cloud Version exist? The make absolutely no sense. I believe that behind the doors there are talks between Nintendo and 3rd parties on how certain triple A games could be ported to the Nintendo Switch which in turn plays into a possible Switch Pro.


Speculation is fine but a couple posts back you said it was leaked sources.

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