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Fight-the-Streets said:
zorg1000 said:

Wasnt SuperMetalDave the guy who swore up and down that Nintendo was going with AMD instead of Nvidia and it would be more powerful than PS4? Ya I dont trust his leaks.

But AMD was just his bold prediction it was not based on a leak he had. Seriously, watch his video regarding Cyberpunk 2077 where CD Project Red makes clear indications regarding a Nintendo Switch version. They said something like the current version of the Nintendo Switch couldn't handle it which is in context a clear indication that a more powerful Nintendo Switch is in the works. Otherwise, they would just have said that there will be no Switch version or that the Switch is not powerful enough, period.

The discussion between SuperMetalDave64 and ReviewTechUSA regarding the topic is also worthwhile to watch.

And seriously, please don't think anymore of Nintendo as this awkward, egocentric and stubborn company that don't give a damn about what actually 3rd parties want. Nintendo has changed. They still go their very own way (which is a good thing) but they have learned to listen to the market. Nintendo knows very well that the current Nintendo Switch can't handle/poorly handles triple A 3rd party games. They also know very well that Play Station 5 and Xbox Two are around the corner and that once they are on the market, 3rd party triple A games will be impossible to port to the Nintendo Switch. And finally, Nintendo knows very well that they need 3rd party triple A games to stay competitive. Therefore, it's only logical that they come out with a Switch Pro. No, technically it will not and can't be at the level of PS5 or XTwo but it will be at a level where 3rd party triple A games can be ported. Years have passed since the Tegra X1 came on the market, portable technology has made a huge step forward in the meantime.


That sounds a lot like speculation.

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