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spurgeonryan said:
Khabib I heard wants to retire. He wants to go down winning if true. Will go all out.

I heard that too, and for some reason, kinda believe it, even though it's third hand information coming from Brendan Schaub, a man of such questionable intelligence, he fully, and I mean fully, bought into the idea that Lil' Tay was a real thing, and buying "billion dollar helicopters". I believe Schaub was passing along what he was told by Javier Mendez, but it's possible he misinterpreted what was said, because Brendan Schaub. He also said the the only fight Khabib would take if he won is a 155 fight against GSP, who appears to be test cutting down to 155, but himself appears to be much more interested in a possible Mcgregor fight.

As for a fight prediction, the two most likely outcomes are: Conor blasting Khabib into the land of wind and ghosts early in the fight, or Khabib taking Conor down and and ground and pounding him, while working his way into more dominant positions, allowing for even more ground and pound. He could win a decision this way, but a submission is likely as well. If Khabib has the opportunity, and is able to secure a kimura like he did against Michael Johnson, I wouldn't be surprised to see him attempt to break Conor's arm with expedience. He gave Johnson a fairly common grace period to tap ( Johnson didn't tap though, the ref stopped it before his arm snapped ) that I'm not sure would be granted in this fight

Khabib better not approach Conor in the way he comes at the other people he's fought. If he comes at Conor in a straight line, tries to set up a takedown by jabbing with his usual chin-up posture, and doesn't look to circle he's in trouble. Conor wants to do 2 things, back you up into the cage and piece you, or force you to come forward and counter punch your attacks.


Or whatever. My prediction is who knows? This card is full of fights with crazy variables. I like both guys, but I guess I'm pulling for Mcgregor.


-edit. It was not Khabib's coach Javier Mendez, but rather Josh Thompson, his teammate at AKA that apparently told Brendan Schaub that Khabib wants to "beat Conor and retire". Which makes more sense.

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