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contestgamer said:
OhNoYouDont said:

Dude the whole idea of exchanging money for silence is unethical and the thing you're most upset about is her seeking actual justice? Holy shit dude, time to take a good hard look at yourself in the mirror and try and figure out what went so wrong in your life that you're at this point mentally-speaking.

She chose to make an agreement of exchanging money for silence. It was not forced on her. She had the choice to seek justice the way she deemed best fit - prosecute via the law or accept a payoff. She chose the latter. She chose that as her form of seeking some form of justice.

Lol, I have no idea where you're from but you have a contorted view on justice. It's not just about the victim, it's about the society. If you murder my father and I watched you do it and in exchange for my silence you offer me money, you're still a fucking murderer and society would be better off with you in jail. That's the part of justice you're missing here. Okay, he's made her whole in some weird way but it fails to address the fact that he's a rapist (if true). And there is a societal punishment for rape. He still owes society.