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contestgamer said:
SecondWar said:

Are you for real? Because I support people speak out against rape and sexual violence, that makes me a disgusting human being? 

I think the brick wall comment applies equally to you, if not more so. You are automatically assuming anyone who reports rape is lying just for attention. I think that is a disgusting attitude to take. I'm not even jumping on the bandwagon about Ronaldo. In all my post I've reffered the the alleged event, deferring judgement until after the investigation has finished. But you, no - 'victim' is the man, because the allegations will ruin his life. Even if they turn out to be true. Women should just keep quiet and not bother anyone about it. Am I on the right lines about how you feel about it?

Is the MeToo agenda perfect? No, there is a fair bit of hysteria involved and I think the black clothing thing at the Hollywood awards was a piece of vanity so that some celebrities could feel good about themselves, but the underlying goal of the movement is for positive change. And to be honest, I not even sure I qualify as a MeToo support, as this thread is the most I've ever contributed to the matter.

The problem is that in the vast majority of these cases there is NO investigation. You just have a mob of women lob accusations at somebody, then disappear, leaving the accused to sort out the damage. Many of these women are not pursuing investigations. It should honestly be defamation to accuse someone of a crime unless you're doing so during the process of a criminal complaint. MeToo hasnt changed any laws, because women already had full power to pursue assaults through the law. All it has done is made it acceptable for women who won't pursue a criminal investigations to go out and accuse someone of sexual assault in public. You cant prove it, you cant disapprove it. It still ruins the accused life. This is absolute mob mentality.

One of the reasons people previously didn't come forward is the perception that they wouldn't be believed, something that has changed in recent years. It's mentality that the movement has sort to change. Yes, some people have gone overboard but that doesn't mean accusations shouldn't be investigated.

Anyway, thank you for engaging in a debate rather than just insulting me for not agreeing with you like another poster did.