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Soundwave said:

People need to stop with the "Nintendo wouldn't do that" nonsense.

This is a new Nintendo it has been since Iwata passed away, really probably before then when they announced they would make smartphone games. The old timers like Miyamoto are not as involved with the decision making these days either. 

People said Nintendo wouldn't do paid DLC ... wrong. Wouldn't do smartphone games. Wrong. Wouldn't do a hybrid console because there must be distinct home console and portable systems. Wrong. Wouldn't do gatcha style smartphone transactions. Wrong. Wouldn't do paid online. Wrong.

Nintendo does a lot of things today that would've been unthinkable really 3 years ago even. IMO Switch is going to adopt an Apple like hardware policy where you are going to see a lot of hardware refreshes. Sony/MS already opened that door with PS4 Pro and XBox One X too ... those are making a lot of money and keeping hardware sales for those lines strong into their 6th+ year. Don't think Nintendo didn't notice (the same way they noticed paid online makes Sony + MS a a shit ton of money).

Consumers by and large *want* hardware upgrades, people expect it today, it's not 1998 anymore. PS4 Pro, XB1X have been resoundingly successful, a Switch Pro is inevitable, so is a Switch Lite/Slim, wouldn't surprise me if both are 2019. It makes MONEY, having a premium top end hardware class + lower end mid-tier makes a lot money. It does for Apple, it is for Sony, it is for Microsoft, Nintendo is not stupid. They know they can make good money doing the same type of thing. This will be more than just a DS Lite/3DS XL type refresh too. 

I agree. But I think Switch Pro will arive in 2020 or 2021. In 2019 we may see Switch Lite and price cut.