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thismeintiel said:
eva01beserk said:

I do get that ford will probably be off the hook ..but feinstein and the others that held on to this untill the final moment just to hurt him probably wont. Not saying they will go to jail or anything but their names should be brought through the mod like they did with him. Plus as soon as the investigation is on them they will throw each other under the buss inmediatly. I mean Feinstein already did when asked if she leaked the letter she inmediatly blamed ford.

That would be a funny thing to watch.

You know, after thinking about it, they actually could 100% get Ford for perjury.  There are two things she blatantly lied about.  She said she was afraid to fly.  However, it was brought out that she obviously loved to fly, given how much she does it, for work and leisure.  But, she stuck to her story about not liking it.  Well, if you subpoena Facebook for her scrubbed media profile, I bet you would find posts about her loving to fly.  She also said she put on the second door to her house because of the trauma brought on by this attack.  We already know this was false.  The door was installed before she said it was put in.  And it seems it was put in because she was renting out a part of the house. 

Of course, I highly doubt they would pursue this, as they don't want to appear as "bullies."  Again, because of her sex and what side she is on, she will face no punishment.

That would actually be an interesting question if it was pursued. The elements of perjury, however, require specific intent to make a false statement and that it went towards something "material". Her statement about flying, would be hard to see it as material to the investigation but there is always an argument. The second statement about the door, though, might be considered material. However, I think rather than pursuing perjury, a good attorney on the other side would just use it to attack the credibility of the person who made the statement. Cross-examination is a wonderful thing! Then in closing arguments that attorney can say if they are willing to lie about something innocuous, then they might have lied about the whole thing.