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SecondWar said:
TheBird said:

From what I just read, she said yes, which is consent. Not rape.

" but she made herself available.", even though she didn't want to, she MADE herself available by saying yes. They won't say she said yes, bu she did say yes. Regret the next day is not rape, she could of opted out halfway through, but she didn't. Not rape.

This #MeToo movement is the most toxic thing to happen in society in forever.

From what you just read, Ronaldo claimed 'she made herself available'. That is actually quite a vague statement. Does 'available' mean talking about the idea, being in the same room, or spending time with the other etc? None of theose things equate a defintive says.

'Even though she didn't want to' - she didn't want to - that would equate to rape if he did it anyway. Emphasis on 'if', nothing is proven yet, and I don't trust twitter as a source. But I seem to remember that Ronaldo referred to himself as a slave in 2009, went he was angling for a transfer. Doesn't paint the best picture of his personality back then.

As for the MeToo movement, yes I'm sure you find it utterly dreadful that women are feeling more empowered to out out against sexual violence. How toxic, how will these men cope? :/

First of all, they're doing it publicly and not through the law. Second of all, in vast majority of cases they offer absolutely no definitive proof. Hardly any of the accused have been prosecuted yet their lives are ruined. Any woman can cry rape and ruin a mans life with a half decent story.

And about this case - Ronaldo has already paid her almost 400k years ago. To me it smells like she's blown the money and needs another payoff. Even if what he did was true, she had the chance to prosecute at the time. She chose a payoff instead. Don't come back a decade later, by the time you've probably spent all that money and try to come after him again. You had two options; take the payoff or prosecute. She made her pick. 

And what does Ronaldo feeling like a slave in 2009 have to do with this case or his character? Zero