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jason1637 said:
TheBird said:

From what I just read, she said yes, which is consent. Not rape.

" but she made herself available.", even though she didn't want to, she MADE herself available by saying yes. They won't say she said yes, bu she did say yes. Regret the next day is not rape, she could of opted out halfway through, but she didn't. Not rape.

This #MeToo movement is the most toxic thing to happen in society in forever.

In the document Ronaldo himself said that she said no and stop several times. 

contestgamer said:

There's no definitive proof. He shouldn't be droped from Juventus either way, Juventus and FIFA arent law enforcement. If he's guilty and it can be proved 100% in court of law then they can deal with it. If it is not, then he should have the right to play soccer. 

He said that he did it. IIMO I dont feel confortable supporting a team where one of the players is a rpist thats why I hope they drop him.

You dont need to support them. But others may want to. And we shouldnt ruin the life of Ronaldo nor the other fans that want to support Juventus because some fans dont. Those fans can go support another team. If he is proven guilty the law can take care of it.