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jason1637 said:
DakonBlackblade said:
The woman is claiming he rapped her in 2009, nothing was proven so far. This is not how the world works, you're not a criminal the moment someone acuses you, and lets be honest, this dude is a billionaire, super famou with everything to loose, he is the ideal target if you want to make up an acusation and gain some money. Lets wait till fact come out before jumping to conclusions.

I put this in the OP. 

He admitted to raping her. 

The questionaire is not confirmed to be true, I'd be amazed if it is since he suposedly answered in English, and if anyone were to question you about something as delicate as this you'd want to answer in your mother tongue with an official translator nearby just to be 200% sure you didn't make any mistakes. As I said you're jumping to conclusions here, wait till things are properly investigated before declaring the guy guilty.