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jason1637 said:

I wa talking to a friend about Soccer and he told me that Ronaldo is a rapist. I never heard of this so I looked into it and he raped a women back in 2009. She accused him last year but the Los Vegas police recently re opened the case. Ronalda even admitteed that he raped her. This news basickly killed my day because Ronaldo is my favorite soccer player and it's terrible that he raped somebody. I hope he gets dropped from Juventus so he learns his lesson. What are your thoughts on this?

I got most of this info rom WJ.

There's no definitive proof. He shouldn't be droped from Juventus either way, Juventus and FIFA arent law enforcement. If he's guilty and it can be proved 100% in court of law then they can deal with it. If it is not, then he should have the right to play soccer.