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Puppyroach said:
contestgamer said:

Yeah you can - you go to police not the media. If you're an assault victim you shouldn't be going to the employer of the accused with no irrefutable evidence and be demanding his termination. That's wrong. And this is beyond the statute of limitations anyway, so there shouldn't be an investigation to begin with. She had DECADES to come forward. It's too late now. And because there cant be any criminal investigation she decides to smear him in public instead.

So your argument is that if she was the victim, she should blame herself for not coming forward earlier?

My argument is that if you shouldn't be lobbing unproven, serious accusations against someone infront of the entire world - ruining their career, potentially family and life. The fact that she's coming out with this now speaks to me of a vindictiveness and malintent. The timing coupled with her going public instead of privately to authorities speaks negatively of her.