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NightDragon83 said:

Wait, which "victim?"  The one that can't even remember when and where her alleged assault took place, or the one that teamed up with Creepy Porn Lawyer who keeps insisting there were allegedly a bunch of underage gang-rape high school parties back in the day that she continued to attend until she was gang banged herself?

Side note:  If we are to "believe all women" without question or any solid proof or evidence of their alleged assault, then Tom Robinson was really guilty as f*ck in To Kill A Mockingbird after all, correct?

Please. She had one whole beer. Of course she isn't going to remember much.


You're acting as though she had been prepared for a polygraph test or something.


I was pretty much in favour of Ford until the lack of witnesses (for either party) and now this. If he gets cleared, this is going to do so much harm to wemon who actually want to come out about being assaulted.

If he is found to be guilty, there is more evidence to be seen.

Oh America. Wth is going on over there atm. So divided.