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nemo37 said:

Here is a link to the wiki regarding the developer.


Their most notable recent project I would say was Disney Infinity, though it appears as though WB is really building them up (again according to rumors, they are increasing staff and are being given increased resources).

Deal in licenced games. Hmm, worrying. But that doesn't mean without the right freedom and creativity they can't create something good but if it's a WB game I'd worry.

Shaunodon said:
Reading the from the Youtube video it seems pretty ambitious. There's so much potential in a concept like this, if it could have the depth of Dragon Age but set in Hogwarts. Really want to see more.

If it allows freedom of play style it could be a great thing, specialise in destructive magic or potions to help you instead or whatever to get past the enemy in your way, not just the way the game says to.

Pemalite said:
Need to wait and get more information before I decide how I feel about it.

Were the old Harry Potter games based on the films on Xbox/Playstation 2 any good?

They were 'mixed'. I mean they are licenced games based on the movies, how many games like that are really any good? they have to follow film/book story and have little freedom. They were made by EA Bright Light who EA closed after they finished the last game of the film.

Hmm, pie.