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HintHRO said:
If Switch is supposed to cover both the handheld and console market then where are all the games? First and second party Nintendo developers could've have worked on Switch exclusives for perhaps 3 years now and still the Switch is suffering from a serious lack of original high quality games. What have they been doing all these years? If this is the best they can offer with one console with last generation hardware, I'd rather have both a handheld and a console like 3DS/Wii U and DS/Wii and Gameboy/Gamecube

Omg this exactly. Everyone was defending Nintendo for unifying both of their businesses by saying that we would get more games then before. But we are actually getting the same amount of content as the wiiU was getting or EVEN LESS which is absolutely insane. 

And no, I don't count full priced ports as "first party releases". Especially when they aren't even trying with those ports. I mean come on, you can't even try to add an extra world of 2 in donkey kong tropical freeze to entice us who already bought the game. Or how about an extra world in NSMBU deluxe. 

I can't believe people are defending these ports when Nintendo is basically putting bare minimum effort. Now I understand the old saying "Desperate Nintendo is best Nintendo".

Predictions for LT console sales:

PS4: 120M

XB1: 70M

WiiU: 14M

3DS: 60M

Vita: 13M