Chazore said:
flashfire926 said:
At this point MS is spending more on PC exclusives over xbox games.
Age of Empires 4? PC exclusive.
Gears Tactics? PC exclusive
Minecraft Dungeons? PC exclusive

Knock it off, microsoft.

It's honestly been a long time coming, especially since MS largely ignored PC gaming for years, and instead put their focus on just their console side a lot more over the years. They need to do a lot to earn back that PC market and I'd actually like to see them put in 110% of the effort to do it. 

That all makes sense, but why makes these games solely for PC?

The argument I always see if that forcing a console version will "dumb down" the games (which I sorta agree for AoE, but Xcom proves Turn based tactical games can work on console), but either way, now that Xbox has kb/m support, they now have zero excuses.

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