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Acevil said:
HoangNhatAnh said:

You said the crown, i though you mean the sales and the customers of all PS4 JRPGs because it seems not really the case. Also, PS4 came out since 2013, right? Let wait till 2022 to see how much JRPG it gets.

If one is going based on catalog and pure volume, the PC trumps both. It is something interesting that people here are neglecting. In the end it will always be about preference and not this console war BS that some users constantly make these threads out to be. 

I personally love the rise of SRPGs/Mid Tier JRPGs lately. I hope it continues. Whats awesome is while some games do not get localized in NA, they are getting released in Singapore and I can import them. Playing SD Gundam Generations lately on the PS4 and Octopath Traveler on the switch currently. 

Talking about quantity, smartphone also trumps both.