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forevercloud3000 said:

This is mostly a response to this very undeserved backlash.

During the PS360 era you didn't have these Third Party devs or fans blackmailing Microsoft into Crossplay even tho it was the one Gen where the playing field was the most even. Multiplat games split was like 1.3:1 ratio instead of the 2+:1 ratio they are now. I feel like it simply comes down to Sony is a drastically smaller company so they were more easy to bully from their throne position. I don't know of any magical change in the development of these games which makes them more viable now with Crossplay than they were then. MS was on top and refused to come from their position.....until the tables turn and then everyone jumps on Sony's case and makes them look like the"Bad Guy" when really it was just the pre existing tradition.

The biggest question is how this will effect microtransaction royalties. Like who is getting that cut?

EDIT: Maybe Sony has worked out a specific deal with Epic. If the account began on PS4 then they permanently get tethered to microtransaction royalties even when purchased on another console. That would at least make this situation not a complete detriment to the Playstation Brand and not making Sony the one who has to lose by offering this.

isnt that just the same old ms we cant have our way lets pay youtubers, journalists and go on twitter to bully and create fake outrage until we get our way.