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omarct said:
OTBWY said:
To research who the actual king of video games is, try this experiment.

Hold up portraits of Mario, Kratos or MC. Ask about 1000 random people in the street who they recognize.

Thats not very impressive considering nintendo has been milking the same 10 characters for over 20 years. Imagine if Sony started making 3-5 Kratos games and spinoffs every generation, what would happen in 20 years? Anyways all of Nintendos characters are kid friendly so they can make tons of toys and other merchandise, so of course more people will know of the characters. Yet this means nothing to the king of video games title, now if it was the king of video games merchandise or king of video game toys or maybe king of reusing IPs, then I would agree. Just did I quick search and since 1981 and there are around 300 video games featuring the character MARIO.

Mario is still popular because of consistently amazing games throughout all the years and it sells. It is the most successful video game franchise for a reason. The legacy speak for itself, hence why Mario is the Mickey Mouse of gaming.