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RolStoppable said:
omarct said:

I am pretty sure most playstation users know who sackboy is, what is your point? 5 years is no where near enough time to become as famous as Mario, Go back to 1981-1986 and ask people who Mario was. 

You responded to a comment about showing video game characters to 1,000 random people, so now you are already backpedaling by falling back on PlayStation users.

Not that it really matters. Did you know that Sackboy has essentially been buried? That's my point. Your argument made it sound like it's easy to make a character popular, but the frequency of LBP games had the opposite effect. There hasn't been anything new with Sackboy in a prominent role in years.

The main difference is that Nintendo had a massive head start. Secondly because of their policies they had very little third party support which forced them into dumping all their money into their IPs, the main difference is that rather than branch out like Sony, they decided to focus on the same profitable IPs because they figure it was better for merchandising(and they were right). Count how many different triple A playstation exclusives there have been over the last 2 or 3 generations compared to Nintendo.

Edit: I am pretty sure that for a good decade or so Nintendo had basically no competition, it is very easy to make people play similar games every year when they are the only decent games around. Over time this built a fan base that has lasted them until even today.

Last edited by omarct - on 25 September 2018