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Azzanation said:
Barkley said:
The PS3 is still the 4th best selling home console of all time, only beaten by one non-sony machine, the Wii. They never really stopped being the king. They've never had a failed home console and by the end of the year, 4 out of 5 of the best selling home consoles will be PlayStations

That depends what you mean by win. If win you mean on sales figures than sure, in terms of profiting i wouldnt say Sony is king when it comes to profiting. Nintendo knows how to make money and i think Nintendo has a much better history when it comes to making money in the console market. PS3 might be the 4th best selling console however its up there as one of the worst profiting. Thats not entirely a win.

That is true - Nintendo knows how to make cheap products and sell it for a high price. Their games cost very little to make as they recycle concepts with the games being very samey across the generations.


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