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It's a crazy story, really. New mobile game IP debuts in Japan and is essentially a flop, shutting down before the anime intended to promote the game is even released. However, the tiny team that works on the anime turns it into such a unique and charming production that it becomes a smash hit, thus pulling the entire IP out of the grave.

Obviously, that means another season of the anime--only without the director and studio responsible for that success in the first place. So now they're trying to build up the IP again like nothing ever happened.

Should be interesting.

I'm willing to give it a chance. If it's good, it's good. But the original anime was such a wonderful breath of fresh air for the entire animation industry. It had something indefinable that made each episode a joy to watch. I want to see if they take the franchise in a new direction or if they try to replicate what Yaoyorozu did with it--and if they fail or succeed with that.