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the main thing that Horizon and Botw have in common is that they were released in the same time frame, thats about it, ohh and they are both open world. but they are very different games

Horizon is pretty much a western action RPG. the RPG elements arent that deep, but they are good enough. it has a great world and combat. fun story and characters. id hghley recommend it

other PS exclusives id recommend
Uncharted 4
Uncharted Lost Legacy
Until Dawn (very underrated, very fun game)
Bloodborne (amazing)
Infamous Second Son & the DLC infamous First light (the main game is a bit short but its really fun and id recommend it, you can get it for cheap)
God of War (havent played it yet, but obviously its awesome)
The Last of Us remastered (if you never played this before)

if you want some recommendations on PS4 games
The Witcher 3 (best game ever made)
Farcry 4
For Honor (beware this has a steep learning curve)
Rocket League
The Division
Dont Starve
The Witcher 3 (yes, its so good i mentioned it twice)