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So recently I entered in a Tetris tournament and won. I wont get into all the details, but first prize was a copy of Horizon Zero Dawn. I havent gotten the chance to play it yet, mostly because I dont actually own a PS4 but I figured now might be the best time to buy one. I wont go for anything fancy, I know a local used game store that could sell me one for around $200 which isnt bad. But I also dont want to just own a PS4 for the sake of playing Horizon Zero Dawn, so i figured i might as well get some other games for it.

So first of all, what are some other good PS4 exclusives I should pick up? Obviously Spiderman is at the top of my list.

And second, im just looking for some general feedback on Horizon Zero Dawn. Avoid spoilers, but I would like to know what to expect. So far my only impression of the game is that its Breath of the Wild but with robot dinosaurs.