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DonFerrari said:

Cerebralbore101 said:
I too Platinumed this one. Great game, but a lot of the research stations, MJ stealth, and Otto Lab mini-games stuff just felt forced. Research stations constantly had me doing oddball tasks that weren't all that fun. MJ stealth-detective mode was frustrating. I stood around in the last "apartment" looking for at least an hour, trying to get through her final stealth-investigation section. The Otto Lab mini-games were ok, but just didn't really need to be in the game.

Otto lab is classic Insomniac =]

I found the stealth modes very easy and they gave a lot of tips and directions. I do agree with the research stuff that were strange.

Yeah all the other stealth missions were easy.

I had to find a code, and I thought the date on the side of the Otto-Osborn pic was the code, and that I was supposed to punch it into the dialpad somehow to get into the secret lab. Then I thought that the painting of Mrs. Osborn had the key kidden somewhere in it. Next I thought that the key was hidden somewhere in the kitchen because "She loved to cook". I knew that according to Osborn's recording it should logically be hidden in a picture frame. But I just spent about an hour scouring the entire apartment until I finally found that picture frame. If it was a snake it would have bit me.