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SvennoJ said:
DonFerrari said:

Understood. I keep my eyes on the target so I usually didn't overshoot and when I did I had forgot the option to stop in midair violating physics law =p

What physics law! You can pull up enemies into the air without dropping down yourself, anti grav man. I use X and [], ground pound to stop. Land in style. It's something you have to unlock first though.

I'm getting the hang of the challenges now, however the bomb ones are still hard. Drones as well. I can't get the timing right for the R2+L2 + X launch. With all the gadgets maxed out (except the last 2) combat and stealth become pretty easy. Trip mines and impact web clean up fast. I need to progress the story a bit first now, bored of being stuck in the night.

You haven't seem spiderman ass tossing webs to hold himself in the air when pulling up enemies, also have to consider that he is using cinetic energy from his impulse from the ground =p, he have infinite mass so the center of gravity from any of his pull is himself.

Bombs aren't hard man, similar to drone, use the R2+L2 when getting around the bomb so you'll land in it and then quick R1+L1 and R1 spam.

Cerebralbore101 said:
I too Platinumed this one. Great game, but a lot of the research stations, MJ stealth, and Otto Lab mini-games stuff just felt forced. Research stations constantly had me doing oddball tasks that weren't all that fun. MJ stealth-detective mode was frustrating. I stood around in the last "apartment" looking for at least an hour, trying to get through her final stealth-investigation section. The Otto Lab mini-games were ok, but just didn't really need to be in the game.

Otto lab is classic Insomniac =]

I found the stealth modes very easy and they gave a lot of tips and directions. I do agree with the research stuff that were strange.

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