BillyBong said:

Kudos to those who still find time for last gen gaming.  Personally for me, if I wanted to play my catalog of previous gen, I'd plug in my OG phatty and play away, but my backlog of current gen could last me through the middle of next gen at this point, and still more games will be released before next gen even starts.  How the crap people find time to game so much still blows my mind.. gamer since 89, but with work, family, and other things to take care of, I'm lucky to play more than a few hrs a week.  Crap took me almost 4 weeks just to finish God of War.

Anyways, OT.. do what you want to do.., personally for me, I'd rather browse and/or YouTube, exception being YouTube VR, off my phone, tablet, or laptop before I'd ever touch it on my ps4.  Same thing with other media.  Don't understand this whole multimedia narrative with consoles.  If I wasn't planning on gaming, then I'd do it elsewhere.  That's the point of a gaming console isn't it?  The games?

Amen brother. To all of it.

I'm in the exact same boat. I'm hardly able to find time playing new games let alone old games. But I don't think we're alone on that one. One of the reasons why PlayStation didn't invest in bc is because the feature wasn't greatly used on PS3.