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More =/= better.

I never even touched on the topic of quality.
But more selection is not a bad thing.

Don't forget that the PC also has some of the most highly rated games of all time... And they are exclusive.

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What's your point?

That you need to buy multiple Consoles to achieve the same result?

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See the bottom of this post for 4 sources that disagree with you. You can attempt to change the meaning of DRM all you want, but that doesn't stop the fact that most AAA games on PC can't be sold or traded to others. Remember when everyone was up in arms because MS wanted to charge a fee to resell your game? Remember when everyone was up in arms because MS wanted to do 24 hour check ins for a game? Even in some alternate reality where not being able to play a PS4 disc on your PC counts as DRM, nobody would care. What people care about is whether or not a game forces you to prove that you legitimately own a game. What people care about is the ability to sell or trade games freely. The sales results of this generation are a testament to that fact.

There are a multitude of digital barriers in order to prevent the duplication of physical disks... AND prevent them from operating in non-standard devices.
That is DRM.

I have also already agreed with you/others already that the PC has DRM in various forms, making your entire argument essentially wasted.

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Agreed. I pointed out logicalincrements.com's list of parts, as a source for my claim. You can see in their list, that they show that a 1K rig can play games like League, and less demanding games at 4K. Being able to play older games in 4K with a rig like that was never in doubt.

And todays' demanding games are tomorrows older/simpler games.
I mean, Crysis used to bring down even the toughest of PC's, today it is not even much of an issue.

Todays' AAA games that would be impossible to run at 4k, will be possible to run at 4k on 1k hardware a few years from now.

It's one of the PC's strengths.

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First you have to log into your steam account though, and that is when the DRM kicks in. It checks to see if your steam account has permission to play that game. And your steam game is still locked to your library. You can share it with your friends, but you can never sell it from your steam library without selling your entire steam account.

I agree.
But the point you are missing is that... Digital PC games are just as easy to transport as console games, only the means of transport is different.

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GoG isn't DRM, because... 

1. If I want I can sell my install file to somebody else. Sure, that would violate the TOS for GoG, but old N64 games used to come with similar TOS for physical versions, stating that you had no right to sell your physical copy. People ignored that, and anybody is capable of ignoring the GoG TOS.

Well. You aren't really contradicting my point with this. But okay.

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2. GoG gives you the option to download an install file that will never ask you to prove that you legally own said game.

Same with this point.

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It can play most of them, and that is enough to dismantle your argument.


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When is the last time you sat down with a Sony or Nintendo exclusive and gave it a fair go?

Zelda: Breath of the Wild, then Uncharted 4, before that would have been Halo 5.
My preferred Genre tends to be RTS, hence why PC is the best platform for me in that regard... Sure Xbox has Halo Wars... But that pales in comparison to a high quality PC RTS title.

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Not all of my Steam games will run on my Linux computer. And it is identical to my Windows computer, except that it runs on Linux instead. Therefore DRM. Technological incompatibility =/= DRM.

False. You can run every Windows game ever released on a Linux PC or a Mac PC.
There is one little piece of technology that can achieve this. Want me to point it out?

You simply cannot do the same with a Playstation or Xbox because the Operating System has several layers of mechanisms which prevent side loading/emulating/running of titles.
You actually need to HACK your console to circumvent it's security in order to allow the side loading of homebrew/pirated titles... That doesn't exist on open platforms like the PC.

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