LudicrousSpeed said:
And you’re still wrong. lol why would working on BC software affect video game development at all?

Basically Sony is doing A, they could also do B with no effect whatsoever on A, but you’re just like “nah, stick to A!”

Until they come out with B, then I predict you’ll think it’s amazing. It’s crossplay version 2 lol

If you're spending that time and money on developing BC, you're not spending it on making another game. Even if they decided to increase overall funding specifically to work on it, some would still wish they'd instead increased funding to make even more games, and I don't see anything wrong with that position. It'd be one thing if we were discussing some basic, easy to implement feature (and there are certainly plenty of others that come under the list of "Sony have no good excuse for having not done this yet"), but as it stands it debatable if it's even possible on a practical level. ND went through self-described "hell" to just get TLOU running on a PS4 at all, and that was with them actually porting it over. I can barley imagine what'd be necessary to get a PS4 to be able to efficiently pretend it has the same wacky clown shit as the PS3. At minimum they'd have to find some way of the GPU being able to pretend it's a Cell, and personally curiosity alone puts me fully in favour of the proposal. Fuck more games, I want an in-depth GDC about it