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Fortnite Keeps Being Cited In Divorces

You fight until there's only one remaining.

Fortnite has quickly become a global phenomenon, but like any popular pasttime too much of a good thing can have an impact on relationships. The AV Club reports that UK divorce service Divorce Online claims that the game has been cited in a staggering 200 divorce proceedings this year. That's said to be roughly 5% of all British divorces in 2018.

There's reason to be skeptical that the blame for these broken marriages can be chalked up to Fortnite all by itself, though. As The Independent notes, the data didn't show Fortnite being cited as the only or even necessarily the primary reason behind the divorce. Fortnite is cited alongside "other online games," so while it's a particularly popular one, it's probably not solely responsible for all of the cited divorces. Plus, the report suggests that digital addictions in general are the problem. Those can include online pornography, online gaming, and excessive use of social media.

Of course, this report was only from one divorce service, in one country, and just this year. Fortnite is a global phenomenon, so it could actually be coming up even more, not less. As with any technology or game, the key is to make time for hobbies along with real life responsibilities and relationships.

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